Maternity photography: 

The best time for your photo shoot is around 34-36 weeks. Your belly will be nice and full and we don’t want to wait until the very last week! Early morning or late afternoons are good times. You might want to make a day of it, and get your hair and nails done for the occasion. You will have that extra bit of confidence that will definitely show in your maternity photographs!


Newborn photography:

Newborn photography is done within the first 2 weeks after birth. Book your session during your last trimester to ensure you don’t have to make arrangements after birth and I will be on stand-by. Newborn photography always gets priority, as the window of opportunity is smaller than with older baby photography. If we have made all the arrangements before hand, you will have less to worry about. We will want a sleepy, well-fed baby for our shoot.


Baby photography:

Schedule photo shoot around sleeping and eating time. I also take appointments over weekends, so there is plenty of opportunity to plan the best photo shoot that suits your unique family.


Toddler photography:

As long as your toddler is well-fed and rested we are more likely to get good pictures. Bring along some drinks, snacks and one or two favourite toys.


Engagement and Wedding Photography:

I offer a free engagement session with the purchase of any of my wedding packages; this will give us the opportunity to get to know each other before your big day.  Each couple is unique; please contact me so that we can personalize your wedding package to suit your needs.


What to wear?

Wear what you’re comfortable in and what shows your style! In order to get modern family portraits that show the personalities of all your family members you need to be unique. Choose colors and styles that are complimentary and are true to your individuality as a family.

Try to stay away from anything bold with writing or recognizable imagery. Use two or three colours and everyone can wear a combination of these. Subtle prints are fine as long as one person does not stand out more than other.